A few months ago I jumped in my car to go pick up a pizza and without thinking reversed into my garage door without waiting for it to completely open.

In fact it was less than half way up. 

I took the whole door off its hinges, and a huge section of the frame off the wall.  It was 6pm on a Friday night, and rapidly getting dark.  The garage connects into the house.  There is no lock on the door that separates them.


Right there and then I knew that I'd been rushing, distracted.  NOT PRESENT.  I'd being seeing it for a while, and yet I'd done nothing about it.  And now here I was... now this.

"Right" I said, "That's f*cking it. Slow down Dawn, what's the rush? Time to get present. More patience, more awareness."

It worked for a while, but recently I've subconsciously noticed it creeping back in.  Just enough to be semi-aware of it, not enough to do something about it.

Until this morning.

Rushing for school drop off, late, again, and only seconds after staying to myself, "sh*t I'm rushing again, OK tomorrow no rushing." -  (Though now I'm wondering, why wait to start  tomorrow....???)

And then it happened.

Same, same but different.  There's a car parked in my drive at the moment. "It's OK I said, it'll be fine" I hoped. "I can move past it easily, I'm sure."

Yes the present me maybe, but the asleep me.  Um apparently not.

This morning I completely forgot it was there and in my rush and lack of presence I clipped it on the way out.

In my panic (and anger at myself) on realizing what I'd done I pulled forward, half in half out of the garage. As I fumbled in my car to close the front gate I accidentally hit the button to the garage door which proceeded to come down on top of my car.


It was a like a Carry-On episode.  It had happened again.  And it doesn't take a genius to work out the common denominator.

Me, rushing, not present.

Going a million miles an hour instead of slowing down, taking my time.

The message is clear. The signs are there and they will keep being there until we get it.  And we keep on getting it.

We'll keep meeting the same outcome until we do different. But worse than that, there's a deeper level to what we're missing.  And that is that we're not seeing that the energy flow that's being blocked by our lack of presence, our lack of patience and our rushing around, and then causing grief for ourselves means that we are depriving ourselves of positive flow.

We're depriving ourselves of the opportunities that come from being present.

That come from being aligned with patience and awareness.

Instead we're fighting fires that we lit, and we keep on lighting.

And then we spend countless hours being annoyed with our self, with others (if they hadn't have done x then I wouldn't have done Y). Wasting more valuable energy.

Our lives are always showing us where we need to wake up, and what needs to be done. And most of the time if we're honest we already know that we're not doing it.

I now chose to see every sign as a gift to keep waking me up.  To keep showing me,  What else is there really?  Keeping on rushing, when I say I don't want to, when I know better, when I know that I'm not present, well, it was bound to happen, wasn't it.

I'm just grateful that the teaching has come in a small, manageable package because a lot of people aren't as lucky.  There are far more precious things that can get hit in our driveways than a parked car.

There are far more serious outcomes to our lack of presence and being distracted. Ask those who have lost something dear. Something irreplaceable. Because they were rushing, They didn't slow down. they weren't present.

Wakey Wakey. 

What's your life telling you?  What's your life trying to get you to do?   Whatever it is, do yourself a favour now, and save yourself the hassle of yet another sign.