Stuck in a job or industry you hate, super-powers going unnoticed or unappreciated?  Maybe you're in a relationship that’s dead or dying; there's no love, no passion, no adoration - hey, it happens, and boy do you miss it.  Or maybe it's some other funky life situation that's got you feeling like a rat in at trap, and you're being sucked dry as you go absolutely nowhere. You're unhappy.

And yet you feel powerless to make a move.

You're not alone, too many stand with you. But whatever you're stuck in will keep robbing your precious happiness and life energy, so what is it that you really need to hear?

Do you need to hear that it'll be ok? Just keep avoiding what your life is screaming at you to do.

Do you need to hear that things will get better? They'll magically improve all by themselves if you just hang on in there, tough it out, keep your head buried deep in the sand. That's right, hush now.

Do you need to hear that we sympathize with you? We feel you, we get your stuckness, we know it's not your fault and we send you high vibes of light and love and hope that'll be enough.

Maybe that's what you WANT to hear, but it's not what you NEED.

The truth is with your head in the sand things will only get worse. The rising resistance, resentment, anger and hopelessness, it'll keep increasing the longer you stay stuck.

What’s outside is a manifestation of what’s inside, so expect to attract more of that funk. Sorry not sorry, that's just how it works. We can’t hide from our life. If we’re not willing to take action we’re going to have to make peace with going against every fiber of our being by staying where we are.

Seriously, can you hack that, or has it already become too unbearable?

Alternatively we can start digging deep into ourselves and unearthing the fears, beliefs and stories that keep us excusing away our own happiness.

We’re the key. And we’re not the powerless human beings we've convinced ourselves we are. If you’re sure that right now you can’t leave the job, marriage, relationship, or whatever you're stuck in (and there'll always be a reason) then for GAWDS sake, get to work on yourself. Hire a life coach, or if you're more attuned to the metaphysical aspects of life find a decent, well educated spiritual coach.

And if you're resisting your development, just check-in with yourself, can you really afford to stay stuck? Just what is it really costing you?

Life isn't a dress rehearsal. How much joy, happiness, health and what little positive energy you have left are you going to flush down the toilet of life before you say "enough is enough?"

Our life energy is the greatest asset we have, it's creating our reality.

Staying stuck, complaining and doing nothing just add more weight to the hopelessness you’re feeling. The issue isn’t the situation you’re in, that’s just a symptom. The real issue is the unresolved wounds and energy patterns of your past keeping you fearful and resonating with the same energy patterns in your now reality.

Everything is a call to go deeper, self-realize and get back to being happy.

If there's one thing people wish they had more of its happiness. Being happy is why we want anything. No one gets to the end of their life and wishes they'd worked more, taken less chances, put up with more shit or hidden themselves and their talents more.

You're wasting what's most valuable to you.

Start by finding gratitude in where you are, it'll help shift your vibration. Next take responsibility, because unless someone's holding a gun to your head you’re where you are because you choose to be.

You mightn't want to hear that, after all you have so many excuses. But what you need right now is not sympathy, what you need is tough love and truth.

I get it, I know your heart beats out of your chest when you think about leaving or making a change. I know it’s the fear keeping you stuck, and that's ok. But you're being called to realize that you can and must overcome this old fear (and it is old).

Each time it rises is an opportunity to chip away at releasing it. First you have to feel it, just the sensation, without the story. The mind's out of control ramblings will pipe up scaring you shitless with all sorts of what ifs. That’s ok too. It’s what the untrained mind does.

For now just be the witness to the feelings and the stories without becoming them, without judging them, without being sucked in by them.

Ultimately our deepest fear comes from growing up. Something happened, someone taught us, conditioned and programmed us into believing that it’s not safe to stand up, to go against others, to be alone, be ourselves, follow our dreams, be wild and rebellious, and be loved regardless.

We've been programmed to believe that we need approval to survive.

But this need is an illusion, and we’re being called to dissolve it. And that's precisely why we get stuck and why someone or something triggers our old fear and pattern. Our higher self, yes you have one too, wants and needs it gone so we realise the potential of who we came here to be.

This is the path to self-realization and freedom. We'll keep meeting the same old patterns and fears no matter where we go, until we deal with them.

Imagine, 1, 2, 3 years from now when you’ve resolved this, see yourself stronger, more aligned, more knowledgeable, confident, open, more alive. Just imagine the higher consciousness you'll be operating from and the kick-ass human being you'll be.

Imagine how being fearless changes the entire landscape of your future.

Whatever you’re experiencing now underpins one of your greatest life lesson. What’s unfolding then means that things are on track. That's right, even the stuckness has purpose. We can’t heal and get rid of what we don’t know is there so the fear has to surface, and it has to be triggered to do so. And that's what's happening.

There's always a bigger picture.

We're fated to evolve and overcoming our childhood fears and wounds and energetic patterns rooted in the past is key to our evolution. We're being shown what we need to see and what we need to master, to move forward to where our soul longs to take us.

Oh I know you have many what ifs.  What if you get it wrong, what if you don't find another job, what if you can't pay your bills, what if you fail, what is there's no one else out there for you?

What if you end up right back where you started? What if indeed.  But the what if game goes both ways.

Here's 10 'What If's' you really need to hear:

  1. What if you find something or someone totally AMAZING?
  2. What if you take back control, find yourself feeling truly happy, aligned, fulfilled, satisfied and vibrantly alive again?
  3. What if you finally regain your passion and fill yourself with appreciation, joy and love?
  4. What if you find your fit, your glove, your gift, your unique and yet to be expressed talent? You know, the one you've always longed to let out but have been too scared too try?
  5. What if you meet you new life partner, or reignite the spark in your old flame, and make new wonderful, supportive, friendships and allies along the way?
  6. And what if you truly start valuing and respecting yourself, your time, your talents, and what if others do too?
  7. What if the Universe really does opens up to you?
  8. What if your soul further awakens and your fear further dissolves, and what if your magic bursts right up out of you magnetizing itself to everything you've ever wanted?
  9. And what if everything you're going through right now is exactly what you need to learn how to tap back into the inner power you've been suppressing your entire life?
  10. And what if, after all that, you start actually living your life on your own terms?

    Isn't that what you really need to hear?

    The only question to ask yourself now then is "Am I willing to nail this fear and find out what lies on the other side of it, am I ready to get unstuck?

    If the answer is yes and you'd like to know more about working with me you can schedule a free discovery call here. In a world of unlimited possibilities staying stuck is such a cop out.  What if you take the leap .... what if let your magic out?