Change and challenge ... you can't stop them








You can't control them, and even when you invite them you just can't know what's in store, how long it will last, or how hard or easy - hey sometimes it's easier than you imagine! - it's going to be.




It's the unknown.




What you can rely on is that change and challenge are never too far away. You can also rely on the the growing pains of getting through both won't last.  Nothing ever does.








Even the most difficult times pass, always.








So, it's been a bit of a challening time for me. I recently changed host provider for my website and emails (should be easy enough... right?!) My business name will still remain 'The Cognitive Soul', but I've now made the shift over from to








It's been on the cards for a while, although I must admit I've been putting it off.  (red flag)  I suspect my subconscious knew it would be a challenge, but then as is often the way my hand was forced. Firstly, my website decided, whilst updating, that it would randomly stuff itself up, and be unsaveable.  Awesome - 12 months of hard work gone.








Admittedly, I've been sitting on a half made new website for a few months now....but I wasn't ready. 








Next the renewal for the hosting was due to expire on 7th November. I decided that I'd wait until 5th/6th Nov to copy everything over, seemed like the perfect time to get it done (red flag no.2)   And then disaster.... the account expired 3 days early ahead of schedule and I hadn't had a chance to copy my emails over to my new account. Everything gone... and I wasn't ready.
















Not one email copied. And now no access, not just to new incoming emails but also to 3 years of business and personal emails .... all gone.








You've probably noticed too that challenge strikes at the most inopportune time. I'm already time poor, but just as all this was unfolding my gorgeous niece and family were arriving from Scotland to stay with me for two weeks.  Talk about timing!!






And to add insult to injury I've had a recurring back issue (will be posting about this soon) which is preventing me from sitting behind my desk for great any length of time (somthing I used to do a lot of....)
























My old nervous system would've been in chaos. But if the work I do has taught me anything (and it's taught me many many things) it's this: When the shit hits the fan the first thing to do is always:
















Start with accepting that it is what it is. And that's ok.








There's nothing that can erase what's happened. It's done. The only movement now is forward. And the best place to move forward is from the place of acceptance.








So I took a deep breath, accepted my fate and got to work sorting it out.








It's been painful.  So far it's been 10 days.








TEN DAYS of messaging, explaining, waiting, attaching documents, even having to validate the domain name before receiving an email that I have to admit, made even my surrendered little heart sink. After all my explaining, after all my following instructions and providing everything that was asked for, I got an email that said:








"Please be advised this account was closed 4th November to open a new account please follow the link."
















Breathe and surrender.








It's now day 10 and although I'm a big leap closer to getting it resolved, (apparently the email account can be reinstated and so long as its within 14 days of closure) the emails are still out there in the ether, and the clock is ticking.








It's a waiting game, but in the meantime I've gotten busy catching the learning. After all if you don't catch the learning, your missing the lesson.








So, In Case It's Helpful Here's 5 Key Things I've Learned:








1. Don't leave things to the last minute. Yip, not the first time I've been guided to this messy lesson... anyone else..???...(can't just be me?!)




2. Surrender works.  It TRULY IS the way to navigate through the shit without the over-whelming stress that comes when change hits and you're not ready.




3. My communication needs improving. I find this one coming up a lot recently.  Which tells me that I'm growing int his area.  I'm being called to be clearer, and to go straight to the source of who can actually help.




4. No matter what happens the outcome is always the same: it's ok.  Whether the it works or it doesn't its ok.  If it's gone its gone, if its not it not. You live either way.




5. Change and challenge happen more often when we're distracted and unfocused.  In fact they often happen as a nudge from the Universe to wake us up and show us where we need to tighten up.








If we don't listen the lesson becomes louder. We get a situation that's important enough to make us listen because its hits hard. This is always an opportunity for growth, and an opportunity to practice surrender and acceptance. Know that each time you practice you become better and navigating the irrational seas of life.  You'll never be perfect and neither will life be. But you can always be open to letting life show you what you need to do and how you need to respond to move forward in the best way possible.








Since calling out these lessons I'm hoping it's a smooth road from here on in. And it'll just be chalked down to experience.  All we can do is learn through the challenges, first by surrendering to the what is, and then by doing what we can to work with what we have. And finally, LEARN FROM IT.








If you're going through challenge and change hang on in there. Sometimes it feels like its getting worse before it gets better. Wherever you are in the process start with surrender. Do it right now. Accept in this moment that you are where you are and what's happened has happened.








Take a deep breath, and affirm that you know it will pass. That you are grateful for the opportunity to grow and that you will do what it takes to move forward and achieve the best outcome.








Whatever it is, you've got this. You will be OK.








Need help?  You're not alone, reach out: 🙂