Life can get you in a spin, The panic, the chaos, the punch in the guts that travels up your spine and makes your heart race and your legs go weak like jelly.

Fear can make you want to puke.

It can completely mess with your mojo. It can screw with eating habits, sleeping habits, it can wreck your relationships, your job, your health and well being, and that's just in this moment.

If fear is your present, it's also your future, because every now moment,  creates the next.

It doesn't matter what's causing the fear, or what's underpinning your stress, worry, or the crazy over analyzing that's got you hemorrhaging out energy all over the place. There's one thing you need to do: take control of your vibration, no matter what's going down.

And I know shit can go down.

I know you get scared, I do too. Growing up violence and abuse welded fear into my nervous system, and that fear played out in my life over and over again until it forced me into raising my consciousness high enough to do the work and heal. 

What drives me to keep healing and keep finding peace and clarity is knowing that my vibration is calling the shots.

If I want to get out of the sh*t I'm in I need to calm the F down and get a hold of myself.  I need to dig deep and show up with the steely grit of a well seasoned drill sargeant and the gentle heart of a loving parent.

I need to be there for myself.

I need to stop running away from the fear and remind myself that I'm safe, I'm grounded, loved, and strong. And I'm supported, not just by those who love me but by life, by God, by the Universe, by my angels, by people I haven't even met yet!

Because I'm not alone, none of us are, we are all connected to a higher source that is the all.  That is everyone that lives, that's ever lived and will ever lived.

And no matter what comes my way, I'll deal with it. Yes,  just like I've dealt with every other storm that's ever hit the shore, and boy have I weathered a few storms.

And I'll keep going, even when I want to give up. Especially when I want to give up, because that's when it matters most.

When I was having my son I had a very capable midwife who was the perfect blend of tough love. She'd been birthing babies all over the world for more than 3 decades.  I felt safe in her hands. I trusted her implicitly, and didn't falter for a second in following her instructions.

My birth was pretty easy as births go, but at the last stretch I was running out of steam and each time I felt myself slip, she was there encouraging me on, "keep it going, keep it going, keep it going."

Over and over she repeated those three magic words that still stick with me today when things get tough.  "Keep it going, keep going, keep it going."

You have to keep it going.  You have to keep the momentum rising. You have to keep trusting, keep believing, keep breathing deep, keep loving yourself, keep pushing when you need to put and letting go when you don't.

You have to keep it going.

You have to affirm that you're still standing, that your heart's still beating, the ground's still solid and you're still alive. And you have to take a deep breath,  connect to your heart, re-centre yourself, and remind yourself, you've done this before, not only in this lifetime, but all the lifetimes you've already incarnated.

This isn't your first rodeo.

And as you remind yourself that you can do this, that you're not your body, nor your mind, that you're not even your name, and you're certainly not this shit.  Something magical starts to happen.

Your heart rate slows, and slowly you begin to think clearly, and you start to imagine the possibilities of what might actually come from this.

And you ask yourself:  how might this be working for me?

This is the turning point, the beginning of alchemy.   Beacuse when you ask this question your soul stirs and you start to remember that you trust life, and you trust the Universe and you trust myself. And you start to feel lighter and stronger as that truth settles into your bones and grounds you back to mother earth.

When I get to this point I feel the fear turn into something different, something more potent, something more aligned with my truest nature.  That something is excitement.

I get excited because I know I'm being guided to grow.  That I'm being led deeper into surrender and the spritual pracrtice that will sky rocket my life if I let it. 

And I know I'm going to better myself into a stronger, more powerful, more aligned, more fearless version of me, and that's the me that's going to nail the shit that started this fear in the first place.

And if I can do it, I know you can too.