You think there's someone or something missing in your life.  There is.

That someone is you.

You won’t yet know just how much of yourself is missing, not until you find her. You do know you’re not fully here. You know there are parts of you you’re still not at ease with.  Parts you’ve detached from, parts you’re avoiding even.

What you don’t yet know is just how incredibly powerful and vibrantly alive you’re going to feel when you call those parts of yourself home and integrate them back into you.

Those may just sound like words. And that may just sound like a pipe dream.

What does it even mean?

Well I can tell you what I know.

It means getting up everyday and loving who you are no matter whether you’re waking up to your greatest love or just yourself.

It’s feeling 100% confident that everything’s as it should be. Because you’re here, doing you, and that’s what you came here for. No matter what, it’s all perfect.

It’s feeling alive, and happy for no reason other than you are alive and you are happy. You can’t not be. Because all the sh*t that was bothering and blocking you, it’s just not there anymore.

It’s dating without expectation, being wide open and deeply anchored into the moment, and it’s being absolutely magnet because you are.

It’s reigniting the spark in your relationship because you’ve finally reignited the spark in yourself.

And fire spreads, wild and free.

It’s being that person. The one you always wanted to be.

The one who’s comfortable in her own skin.

The one who doesn’t need approval.

The one who doesn’t need validation.

The one who doesn’t need to be in control or manipulate or ask or check or be reassured that she’s loved and respected and valued.

She filled those needs by herself.

And because she did she attracts every filled need right back to her in abundance.

You don’t yet know how much of you you’re missing, but when you find your authentic self, when you bring her home, you will never, ever, ever lose yourself again.

Because when you know yourself, when you feel yourself heart and soul, you see your true self, it’s game on.

And finally you’re in this life to truly live.

And you’ll never want to live without you again.