It can feel like someone else is pulling your strings, and that could be because you've been believing in a fake truth.
You've been believing that someone else is responsible for how you feel.
It's ok, I used to think that too, until I realised that I was the only person responsible for how I feel.  And here's why:
Because they’re my feelings; I generate them, I feel them, I own them, me, mine. I don’t hold you responsible, I wouldn't give you my power.

When you speak, act, and what you believe, I don’t see my story, I see yours.


When you project your hurt or anger or hatred at me I don’t take what’s yours and make it mine. "Ha, nice try, but seriously, fuck off, no thanks."
Because if I’m responsible for what I feel, that makes YOU responsible for what you feel.
And if you happen to be the catalyst to me generating feelings that are uncomfortable, feelings that are old and unresolved, feelings that I've buried and until now avoided, I won’t blame you, and I won’t push them away either.

I’ll own them, hell yes!

And if that means I’ll have to feel the full force of them, BRING IT!   Because I KNOW there’s huge power in making that choice.
And once felt, I KNOW those feelings will lighten. I’ll lighten, and that button you once pushed, it’ll disintegrate into dust.
And how do you think I feel now?
"Fucking awesome, thanks very much."
Without that trigger in me I feel like I want to feel.
Just like I was born to feel.
Just like my soul wants me to feel and keep feeling, and that's why I hold myself responsible for my feelings. Me, mine, and nobody, NOBODY gets my power.

Nobody BUT me.

And I’m feelin’ good!