I'm glad that you've found your way here.

You've already spent too many years of your life settling and struggling through relationship crisis and compromise, and living the same dissatisfaction and fear immersed outcomes.

And I know that it's not that you haven't tried.  

Like most women who find me you've already been down the counseling and psychology and/or coaching road.   And maybe you're the psychologist, counselor or coach and no matter how much work you've done, you're still haunted by fear of relationship rejection and the emotional triggers that tie back to the unresolved pain of your dysfunctional childhood. 

You over-thinking everything and you long to know your value in form, but you can't seem to  shake the not good enough feeling long enough to experience real love and connection and be truly happy.

Well I'm here to help you change that.  And before we connect there's a few things to know.  To get real results  you've got to want  growth like you want air.  You'll need to be ready and willing to stay true to yourself and dig deep.

We'll do amazing work together.  And though I won't hold your hand, because I believe in your power, I'll walk with you every step of the way.  I'll guide you through the darkest and most stubborn shadows and stories that block your expansion. And I'll help  you unleash the feminine power, magnetism,  intuition and authenticity that will help you create your dream relationship from the inside out.

If this feels like the right path for you then let's chat and see if we fit. Start by completing and submitting the form below and I'll be in touch shortly to organize a call.

Looking forward to moving you forward

Much love,


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