Great relationships are the foundation of a beautiful, fulfilling and magical life, what's standing in the way of yours?

Women who want a loving, secure and supportive relationship with a strong, adventurous man they can trust, who meets their needs and desires...



Men who want a happy, fun and stimulating connection with a woman they love, can commit to and who respects, affirms and appreciates them for who they are and all they do.. 

Your might be from Venus and Mars, but you seek the same thing... an energetically balanced, aligned and loving relationship with someone who understands who you are, what you need and who rocks your world like it's never been rocked.

To create this new paradigm you'll have to imagine something you've never experienced before. Your story's expired. A new vibration of energy is needed to  switch on the positive charge that creates the relationship you want to experience. I'm here to help you with that.

Some issues my clients struggle with that leads to them working with me:

  • Feeling unfulfilled and that something is missing.
  • Confusion and conflict around relationship needs.
  • Explosive anger and arguments.
  • Trust issues.
  • Challenges with communication.
  • Commitment issues, fear of love and getting hurt.
  • Not knowing if they're with the right person.
  • Triggering each other's past trauma and relationship fears.
  • Anger, frustration, stress, mental and emotional exhaustion.
  • Apathy, self sabotage procrastination.
  • Repeating drama, anxiety, emotional angst.
  • Lack of value/alignment.
  • Control issues.
  • Insecurities, jealousy.
  • Fear of rejection, betrayal, not being enough.
  • Indulging in toxic and unhealthy behaviours and habits e.g. binge drinking, drug taking, addictive and depressive thinking, casual sex etc.
  • Feeling lost, sad, guilty, shamed, frustrated, disappointed, regretful.
  • Fear they've missed the boat on love, happiness a family.
  • Feeling undervalued and disrespected.
  • Ignored, gas-lit, verbally abused, taken for granted.
  • Feeling invisible, indispensable, like a pay check or cleaner at home.
  • Women de-feminized through work, relationships and "doing it all."
  • Men emasculated through relationships, divorce and loss of power.
  • A lack of desire for sex or feeling starved of physical touch and emotional connection.
  • A lack of real confidence with the opposite sex.
  • Women using looks to get what they want and men using money, power or control and neither getting what they both need.
  • A bitter co-parenting relationship and/or a difficult or narcissistic ex.
  • A lack of support and understanding, feeling alone in the world.
  • Going through the motions and feeling dead on the inside.
  • Always supporting others, but never feeling supported.
  • PTSD and anxiety from past relationship trauma.

Are you my ideal client?

I love working with strong minded, intelligent and creative individuals who are typically successful in their career, run their own business (or are in start up mode) and their relationship dynamic is strained, tense and unbalanced.

My clients have a growth mindset; they enjoy self development, spirituality and they're at a point in their lives where they want a deeper connection and balanced alignment with someone they love and who loves them.

Why am I your ideal coach?

Because I coach both women and men, I understand the subtle nuances and differences of the masculine and feminine. 

I'm a human behavior expert, and I also know the deep nature of emotional wounds and how they unconsciously play out and manifest in our lives and relationships.

I've personally experienced great healing and triumph over abuse, betrayal and emotional abandonment. And from the ashes, created an authentic and beautiful life and happy, loving, polarized relationship.  I know what it takes and I know you can too.

  What to expect working with me:

Crystal clear clarity on your negative patterns, beliefs, habits and programs that co-create repeating trauma, tension and drama.

No BS, just raw truth and the what is - I will love and respect you enough to call it, even if it does hurt.

Insider secrets on both men and women, teaching you how to communicate and understand the other like "nobody else ever has."

A re-frame on every experience, every story, every obstacle and avenue that blocks connection, dims your light and stifles your soul.

A trusted guide who'll steer you through shadow and darkness and help you look fear in the eye.

Accountability and discipline around actions, beliefs and breaking through your patterns.

Cutting edge coaching, teaching, tools of higher consciousness, wisdom, knowledge and razor sharp insight you can trust.

 A teacher who walks her talk and will help find a solve for any and every situation you find yourself in.

 To learn the keys to conscious relating and mastery of the subtle nuances of masculine and feminine energy.

Practice and strategy that alchemize energy, shift your mindset, create polarity and anchor in new patterns.

Support, respect, encouragement and someone to champion you through, and remind you of your power, strength, and magnificent, glorious nature and to fight for the very real and beautiful life and relationship you're shooting for.


What's the next step...

If you always do what you've always done, then you'll always get what you've always got. Reach out and connect, because life's short and you deserve to be happy in an amazing relationship, even if (for now) it's just with yourself. Most people live their whole lives stuck repeating the wounds from childhood, unconscious and moving from one failed relationship to another. It's why we never know the real joy, peace and love we've searched a lifetime for. Choose that's not going to be you.