You Need Help To Unravel The Chaos In Your Mind, Lead You Back To Your Truest Self And Pave The Way To Your Best Relationship


Well you're in the right place


I know your big fears.

I know the hidden panic in your chest, and your secret unworthy story, and what keeps you tossing and turning at night.

I also know the negative thoughts that plague you on waking and the constant "buts" and "what ifs" that block your alignment with what your heart truly desires.

And I know you want to believe that you can be strong and happy, but that critical voice inside won't let you realise it.  

I know you're not happy with the reflections in your life:

Reflections of every situation yet to be turned around.

Reflections of every bad circumstance yet to be trasmuted into a good one.

Reflections of every opportunity yet to be turned into an advantage.  

Refelctions of every confusion yet to be turned into crystal clear clarity.

Well, I'm here to help change that. 

 I specialise in...

Life / Spiritual / Clarity & Alignment Coaching

Metaphysical Counseling

Subconscious Reprogramming

Radical Acceptance and Forgiveness

Relationship Coaching/Mentoring/Healing

Past Trauma & Emotional Healing/Realignment

Soul Planning, Karmic and Ancestral Clearing

Law of Attraction and Alignment Coaching

and I work with...

 Intuitive, professional, spiritually awakening rebels.

Courageous humans ready to live and love fully as their strongest, most powerful, authentically aligned self.

I see you, I know the bones of you AND I will lead you to seeing and knowing yourself.

Your work is so incredible, it's just so inspiring. This has been MASSIVE, I have had this pattern for years. You're the best thing that has happened to me. I only wish I'd met you sooner. Much love and thank you!!!





The power of transformative, bull-shit free truth

Love, respect and a yet experienced level of  self belief

Extreme mental, emotional and spiritual clarity

A safe and scared space to unravel

Unwavering support from your fiercest ally who believes in you 100%

Accountability and being called on your BS

A new level of understanding all aspects of your life

Evolutionary processes and programs that create radical change

A shift in your vibration, awareness and level of consciousness

Epic turnarounds that will blow you away and create a shift in perception, thinking patterns and belief

Inspired action and motivation that will lift your inner vibration

Real solutions to what's creating your problems


I don't do fluff nor wear kid-gloves. I love you enough to get my hands dirty and I advocate for your soul, so I deliver powerful, transformative, disruptive truth. Your ego mighn't like it, but your soul will thank me for it. 

I got more out of one session with you, than I did seeing a psychiatrist once a week for 8 weeks, and he cost me $250 a session.  Thank you!!

Emily, Brisbane


My clients call me "different", "f*cking mazing" AND "not you're average coach"

WORK ONE-ON-ONE with me to resolve your relationship drama and/or end your life crisis, and create radical change from the inside out. 

Transform fear as you unhook yourself from the subconscious attachments and patterns creating your problems. 

Free yourself from the past AND become the master of your emotions to end the triggering and stop being being impacted by others as you step into living your life and relationships your way. This is the begining of your happy and fearless self 


Thank you a trillion times over. I cannot convey the powerful influence you have had over me. I just feel really happy where I'm at. There's a peace I haven't felt before.... I'm really excited for the next chapter, the one without the stories and self-imposed limitations. The one where I get to realise my full potential and get to experience the love I've always wanted. What a year 2019 will be. I can feel it and I can't wait. Thank you to 2018 for the lessons and healing. And that's because of you Dawn. So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!




Soul Meditation

You've done the emotional work and now you're ready for next level.   Ready for evolutionary, soul-aligned coaching and mentoring that deep dive into the truth, intelligence and wisdom of your soul.

  • Understand and clear ancestral patterns and past trauma
  • Discover your soul's plan and pre-birth intentions
  • Forgive and untie yourself from the past 
  • Unlock the secrets of karmic balancing 
  • Discover how to consciously tune into the power of intention and co-creation and master law of attraction  

Understand yourself, life, love and all things inbetween from a deeper, logical and spiritual perspective that just makes sense.


Dawn's not your average life coach, her spiritual approach to coaching really helped me get to all that stuff buried deep down and understand it from a level that's not just about the mind. Dawn has been super attentive and caring. She often goes well beyond what's required to ensure you're supported throughout the process. If you're ready to dig deep into your unconscious patterns and finally change your life, Dawn is the life coach you want to connect with.

Nick, Brisbane


I know 100% that the work I do is life changing. It's changed my life and it changes the lives of the clients who engage. However, I can't guarantee you'll get the results you want because I can't control you.

I CAN guarantee I'll show up for you 110% AND I'll put my heart and soul into helping you. But you have to show up for yourself AND be willing to do the work. I can lead you there, but the magic's in you.

Personal and spiritual development is a life long journey AND you can and will see results, often in a very short time. AND if you're committed to the process YOU can guarantee your own results.

For the above reasons I don't offer refunds. Experience has taught me you're either all in or you're not.  Transforming your life should be the one thing you absolutely commit to above all else -  BECAUSE YOU'RE THE KEY. 


And as a co-creator of your own reality, with an inner power to live happy, be fearless and create unbreakable bonds, what could be more worthy of investing your time, effort and energy into than yourself?

I'm in a much happier place, not just in myself but also with the relationships I have with those I love, and the relationships I don't have anymore because I've started respecting myself and started setting boundaries and realising what I value in a relationship and what I don't value. I really do think you are amazing.  Through this I have been able to appreciate the maturity of the relationships I have with my best friends and appreciate I want more of those. Open, honest, caring loving friendships that brings postivity and love and happiness into my life, and this would not be possible without you."



"There's so much I took away from the Breakthrough Program! I use Dawn’s teachings everyday of my life. I make powerful decisions for ME now and I’m not constantly reacting from a place of fear."

Leigh, Brisbane