Men, there's nothing toxic about the modern masculine man, he's a King among men. And when he's respected, affirmed and nurtured by the woman he loves, he's never been stronger or happier.




Here are some of the things I can help you achieve:

      • A great and long lasting relationship with a woman who's amazing to you and who thinks you're amazing too.
      • More self-control and self discipline.
      • Clarity around what you really want.
      • More control of your mind.
      • Practicing patience coupled with dogged determination.
      • How to use your tone, words and body language to lead a woman back into trust.
      • Expressing yourself confidently, succinctly and truthfully, even if it means hurting her feelings.
      • Mastering how and when to say "NO" and mean it, without being manipulated by the feminine.
      • Finding the inner confidence to take risks, even if there's a chance you'll be wrong.
      • A return to trusting yourself and your gut.
      • Over coming the fears and subtle sabotage patterns that hold you back from winning with women, in business and in life.
      • Maintaining strong masculine energy around the feminine, especially when she flips out, challenges, pressures or pushes.
      • Tapping back into the wisdom and power of your grounded masculine heart.
      • Reconnecting with your innate courage and instinctive knowing of who you are at your core, and as a man.
      • How to confidently lead a strong-willed and independent woman without losing your cool, and/or your power.
      • How to stop feeling guilty, controlled and/or emasculated by women.
      • Maintaining a positive dynamic when co-parenting with an ex.

Any motivated man can have more healthy power, control and success in his relationships, business and life by using his dominant masculine energy, because that's what makes a man more potent in his power of persuasion, attraction and capacity to get out there and win. 

 Are you my ideal client?

The men I coach are typically successful in business, but have a track record of unsatisfactory relationships with women who can be insecure and over- masculinzed - e.g. pushing and vying to control the dynamic, or manipulative, unappreciative, self absorbed and not meeting his needs. 

 Here are some of things my male clients experience before working with me:

  • Feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders.
  • Indulging in low-vibe behaviours and habits as a means of self preservation e.g. over-eating, over-drinking, anxious or depressive thinking, gambling, apathy, procrastination, excessive pornography, infidelity etc.
  • A snap realization that they're deeply unhappy and have been quite a long time.
  • Feeling like life, opportunity and their virility has slipped through their fingers.
  • No longer feeling affirmed or admired by the women in their lives.
  • Feeling suffocated, trapped and lacking the freedom to be who they are.
  • Feeling like under-appreciated, redundant and/or like paycheck at home.
  • Feeling emasculated by the women in their family.
  • A lack of sex and physical touch in their intimate relationships.
  • A lack of confidence in themselves and with women, who they feel stuck trying too hard to please.
  • A loss of purpose, direction and faith in self.

Men, if you're still reading and you're nodding your head in agreement, then ask yourself, "What's it really costing me not to take action and solve the above?"  

Why am I your ideal coach?

 It's true, men need brotherhood, be it's through work, sport, a beer with their mates on the weekend. But when it comes to choosing a coach, though a man might seem like the obvious choice, a female coach with a solid grasp on the subtle nuances of masculine/feminine energy, who's a powerhouse in her capacity to ask the right questions, teach the right cutting edge tools, build authentic rapport, call the BS and firmly but lovingly hold a man accountable, can bring something unique to the table that another man can't.

As your coach I can...

 Teach you the insider secrets of women and how to positively assert your dominant energy in ways that rapidly build and rebuild polarity.

  • Show you how to see and solve the blind-spots and weak-points that leave you open to being continually tested, pushed and pressured and sometimes cut down at the knees.
  • Challenge and teach you how to hold your ground, eye contact and dominant power with women when they push in ways that lead the feminine back into trust.
  • Help you expand your masculine power and energy field.
  • Hold you accountable to say what you mean, mean what you say and do what you promised to do.
  • Remind you of your power as a man who is born to take aligned action, follow through and lead your woman.
  • Remind you who you are and that it's your God given right to stand strong in dominant masculine energy whilst staying connected to the noble, gentle and loving integrity of your masculine heart.
  • Remind you how the feminine's authentic affirmation and admiration feels on the inside - sadly most men have forgotten.
  • Coach you back into clarity and alignment with your vision.
  • Inspire you into the masculine energy that women love to experience with the men that they partner.
  • Restore solid faith in yourself.

If you're a man (or a woman reading this on behalf of a man that she knows, pls direct him here...)  currently not feeling your power and you're frustrated and angry with life and yourself because you're not enjoying the kind of relationship you always dreamed that you'd have (despite the worst of your childhood)...

And if you want to know the secrets of women, great relationships and how to keep showing up in healthy dominant masculine energy so you can win in relationships business and life, then take action now. Request a complimentary 20 minute call by filling out the request a call form below or jump into my coaching container and let's get you started.