There’s nothing flimsy, floozy or brittle about the modern feminine woman, she’s a radiant Queen.

Women have been ousted out of their feminine flow;  insecurity and fears of not being enough and having to drive the relationship and/or do every little thing for themselves/by themselves, is negatively impacting not just their intimate relationships with men, but their mental and emotional health and well being too.

Here are some of the states of being I can help you experience:

    • Emotionally back in-control.
    • Self disciplined around actions, beliefs, health and well being.
    • Crystal clear around what (and who) you want and desire.
    • Patient and trusting in yourself, men and the power of God/the Universe.
    • Mastery of  your feminine tone, words and body language to inspire a man into aligned action.
    • Confidence in your expression and communication to be able to speak honestly and easily, even if it means offending his ego.
    • Mastery of pacing the relationship and especially sexual connection, without feeling pressured, obligated, or afraid that he'll pass you up for somebody else.  
    • Confidence in your ability to handle a man pulling away into the space.
    • And knowing how to receive him and rebuild trust and connection when he bounces back.
    • Reconciled with your past and a returning to trust in yourself as an intuitive and empowered woman. 
    • Overcoming the irrational and often debilitating fears that  can hold you back from opening up to men and letting go of control.
    • Reconnecting back into the wisdom and power of your feminine heart.
    • Assured of maintaining your radiant feminine energy around the masculine even when he's distant, distracted and/or not stepping up.
    • Asking for what you need and want without compromising your value or scaring men off.
    • How to be lead as a strong-willed and independent woman without losing your sovereignty or voice in the dynamic.
    • Confident in creating and maintaining a positive dynamic with your ex when co-parenting.
    • Successful navigation of platonic relationships, including peers, parents etc., without feeling triggered or dis-empowered,

Any woman can enjoy great relationships when anchored into the magnetic power of radiant feminine energy, because feminine energy not only activates a man's inner hero and inspires him into provision and care,  it also helps a woman connect openly, compassionately and persuasively, with all other people in her life. 


Are you my ideal client?

The women I coach are typically successful in their career, running/starting up their own business, but their relationship dynamic with men feels eternally skewed, unbalanced and lacking in the deep connection and or commitment they crave.

 Here are some of personal issues my clients experience before working with me:

  • Feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders.
  • Indulging in low-vibe behaviours and habits as a means of distraction and sabotage e.g. over-eating, over-drinking, anxious or depressive thinking, procrastination, dishonesty, self-betrayal, compromise etc.
  • Feelings of sadness, guilt, shame, frustration, disappointment, resentment and not being enough.
  • Afraid they've missed the boat on love and happiness.
  • Undervalued, uncared for or unloved by the man/men in their lives.
  • A lack of safety, security in relationships.
  • Feeling indispensable, like a cleaner/mother at home.
  • Feeling over-masculinized at work, at home and in relationships.
  • A lack of desire for sex or starved of physical touch and emotional connection.
  • A lack of real confidence with men, using their looks to get what they want, feeling rejected when they don't get what they need.
  • A lack of support, feeling alone and disconnected from faith and knowing that real love can and will happen for them.

Why am I your ideal coach?

There are men (and women) in the relationship coaching space who can definitely teach you a thing or two. But a woman needs to feel truly known, felt and understood by someone who knows what it's like to be her.

Also, given that many women have suffered trauma and/or abuse at the hands of men who've been in their lives, including their fathers,  a coach who understands first hand, the nature and fragility of a wounded a woman's psyche...

AND who herself has triumphed over abuse, betrayal and abandonment and worked her ass off to grow, deepen and create for herself the beautiful life, relationship, security and conscious connection that women want to experience brings many unique and powerful gifts, that quite frankly most coaches, men or women, simply can't bring.

I'm a powerful, loving mentor and coach with a rock solid grasp on the subtle nuances of masculine/feminine energy. And I will swiftly get to the deepest roots of your relationship issues, whilst lovingly holding space and you accountable as I lead you back to the truth of yourself.

As your coach I can...

Teach you the insider secrets of men (I work with men too..) and how to positively communicate through feminine energy in ways that rapidly build and rebuild polarity.

  • Show you how to see and solve the blind-spots and emotional-trigger points that leave you wide open to feeling needy, too pushy and eventually rejected.
  • Teach you how to hold your feminine tone and joyful light when men pull back, in ways that inspire the masculine to quickly return from the space.
  • Help you expand your feminine radiance and strengthen your energy field.
  • Hold you accountable to keep practicing trust and to no longer flake on yourself or fall into your old negative patterns when the going gets tough.
  • Remind you of your radiant and creative power as a woman who was born to feel loved and treasured by the masculine.
  • Remind you who you are and that it's your God given right to surrender into the flow with life while staying connected to the wisdom and compassion of your feminine heart.
  • Remind you how good the masculine's loving protection and provision feels on the inside - sadly most women don't know or have forgotten.
  • Coach you back into clarity and alignment with your relationship dream.
  • Support, nurture and encourage you into the feminine energy that men love to experience with the women they partner.
  • Restore your faith in love and in yourself.

If you're a woman who wants to enjoy a happy, loving, committed relationship with the right man, but you're struggling. 

If you're tired of  feeling burdened, brittle and unsure of yourself because you're not enjoying the kind of relationship you always dreamed that you'd have...

And if you want to understand men and show up in the radiant, magnetic feminine energy that inspires men to step up and take action for you, then say "yes" to your intuition. Request a complimentary 20 minute call by filling out the request a call form below or jump into coaching and let's get you back into flow.