you'llWorry kills magick.

Stone Cold Dead.

It also kills relationships.

Turns off the masculine. And I’m not just talking about the men in your life.

I’m talking about the divine masculine, the source of providing, not just love, or luck, but also $$$ - yes, money is masculine.

And not your dad kinda masculine. Hey, he may well be a ‘good guy’ but like many men his secret suffering is his impotency on making his own dreams come true.

And if he was a prize dick, his suffering wasn’t too secret. That he couldn’t love you or be there for you was never about anybody’s lack but his own. You maybe never saw his pain, it was written all over his catastrophic failure to parent.

But I’m not here to talk about your dad, I’m interested in you. And your upside down relationship to your own inner masculine.

AND your blatant misalignment with your own High Feminine (the real reason for your anxiety, self doubt, and low self esteem and continual suffering.)

You don’t just have receiving problems, there’s something else you’re not addressing.

Something bigger, something more important that you realize.

And it’s the reason you can attract, but you can’t keep.

You can attract but you don’t get what you want.

You can attract but what see is never what you end up getting.

You can attract but it turns sour.

There are holes, deep holes and not only is your energy leaking like a dripping tap, BUT because of the leaks you can’t build strength.

You can’t build magnetism

You can’t build momentum.

And you worry, which just turns the masculine off even more.

And you feel even less.

Until you understand the High Feminine and Divine Masculine and how to get aligned with both you'll continue to struggle.  And your life and relationships will keep not working.

And the more adrift you are the more extreme your mental, emotional and physical health issues.

You already know this to be true.  You just fully understand the why and how to solve it.

Its all energetics, everything in the universe is energy, including you. And this is the key to getting control of your life and relationships and becoming a maven of destiny.

I know the pattern you're stuck all too well which is exactly why I want to help you out of it. And I know you're life wont change until you do. You stay on the roller coaster of feast or famine and you'll keep on worrying.

And keep on turning the masculine off.

If you're ready to collapse this pattern and take quantum leaps in your life, its maybe time we talked.

Because life is now.