I know, you wish you were stronger.  You feel so helpless, so stuck and powerless, lost in the confusion, drama and lack of control in your life. You find it hard to know which way to turn. You wish you could be more decisive, more sure, more confident, more committed, more in control.


But you feel weak. You're a slave to emotions that take you over. You can't get a hold on the inner fear. You can't get words out past the lump that grows in your throat when you try to state your case, stick up for yourself or make a true stand.


You're still not over your last relationship, or your struggling with the unresolved hurts from the one you’re currently in.


You still dance between fantasying about what could've been and regretting what was. You miss that good feeling that you keep trying to get back to. And you're still beating yourself up; "why the f*ck do I keep making the same mistakes?" you ask.


"Why do I keep trusting, keep believing that this time it will be different, and why does it just stays the same?"


And it all stirs up inside you.

All the old stuff, the sadness, the grief.  That time you miscarried; that night you were cheated on, the crap you've had to put up with from your family, the anxiety you have around work, money, security and the worrying that you'll never get it right, you'll never truly feel settled, loved and at home in your own skin.


And you tell yourself "I need to be stronger."



But what if you don't need more strength? What if you need something else? Something that will help you unravel the big mess of knots in your life. Something that can dissolve the pain and dry up your tears?


What if there's something so very powerful that can help you overcome abuse, loss, abandonment, rejection?  Something that not only help you move forward with courage, kindness and a higher consciousness, but help mend your heart every time it breaks until it’s so wide open it can't never break again?


What if there's a remedy, something that will help you let go of all the should'ves, would'ves, and could'ves that otherwise haunt your life?


The remedy is understanding and applying it is to your life is the cure.


Let me explain.


All the old stuff we hold onto, all the things we avoid dealing with, talking about or facing head on. All the unresolved pains, disappointments, the hard shit in our lives that holds us back and keeps us small, all of it can be dissolved with understanding.


You see all these things far from being obstacles in our path, they actually are our path.  They all have deeper meaning; they all contain a message from our soul. And when we understand this message, everything changes.


I don’t know if you’ve realized this yet or not, but your soul is an incredibly powerful force. It's actually the driving force of your life. You simply wouldn't be here had your soul not orchestrated your incarnation.


And it did orchestrate your incarnation; you exist because of your soul.


All your life experiences, all the bad memories, all the problems, hurts, pains you felt growing up, all the things you think are making you weak and stopping you living your life, they're your strength turned inside out.


Only right now, you don't yet understand.


Right now you're blaming yourself.  And you're creating feelings of inadequacy, shame, guilt and hopelessness, not because what you believe is true. Not because you experienced what you did, but because you don't understand why or how to dismantle your experience in a way that unpacks the deep learning and growth you need to progress on your journey.


You soul wants you to understand.



It's wants you to look deeper. To see beyond what you believe and unearth the truth beneath what you’re avoiding.


The truth that it wasn’t your fault; that you've always been enough, that the shame was never yours but a projection of your own mother’s or fathers, and their mothers and fathers before them.


Your soul wants you to understand that every belief you’ve created according to your experience is what's making you feel weak.  Not because you are weak.  You’re so far from weak; you’re a powerful co-creator of your own reality, a master in the making.


Only you don't yet understand.


The power of our soul is such that, in cahoots with the Universe, it manifests situations, people and events that trigger the very stuff we're avoiding and provide the conditions for our life lessons to play out.


Will you discover what's really happening in your life is part of a plan, a plan that's unfolding perfectly?


Will you discover that shit keeps happening not because you're a crap human being, but because you keep ignoring the opportunities that your soul is putting in your path to grow, to evolve, to balance the energies of you own karma and chosen destiny.


Will you discover that once you understand, your whole life makes sense?


Eventually, and with my help, (because I won’t give up until you get it) you’ll come to the same conclusion I did and you’ll give in to your soul. You’ll stop the crazy unconsciousness that's creating this circus, and you'll look deeper. And you’ll keep looking deeper, and you’ll find every last scrap of crap that’s down there that your soul wants you to deal with.


And slowly the bigger picture will come into focus. And you'll stop feeling weak, and you'll see that you're not helpless or hopeless, and you'll know that the past is just a figment of a misunderstood imagination,  that can only exists in a mind that has yet to understand.


Our soul wants what’s best for us.


It wants us to wake up, see what’s really going on in our lives, stop all this blaming and shaming and insanity that we’re powerless and hopeless and not enough.


Our soul wants us to heal; to grow, to break free from the chains of our un-mastered minds, reach high and realize our own limitless potential. It wants us connect back to the wisdom, power and love that lies deep inside us.


It wants us to understand.


And that’s my mission. Because through my own understanding I healed myself from the deepest, darkest wounds, and I discovered how to help others do the same.


You don't need to be stronger, although when you truly understand, you absolutely will be.


Right now you're only seeing the tip of the iceberg, that's why you're confused. If you want to understand yourself at the deepest level, if you want to understand your life at the deepest level and if you want understand your soul at the deepest level, then sister, get ready to become invincible.


If you’re ready to discover how working with me will help you understand, connect for a free discovery call. Don't stay in the darkness. The light, the love, the joy that will fill every cell in your body, is waiting, for you courageous strong soul, to understand.


Let me show you how.