Stay or go, before you decide, you need clarity...

"Dawn is an amazing relationship coach.... her clarity is next level."  ~Kelly W.

"I am thankful each day for the universe sending you to me to help me make the shift.  Forever grateful." ~A.M

"OMG, this was exactly the upgrade I needed.  I can't believe how completely on point everything you said was.  And everything happened, every step of the way, just like you said it would.  Thank you!!" ~RJ

"WOW, the first apology he's ever given me, in 17 years, I can't believe it!"  ~KG.

"Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the lies I've been telling myself. Today has been amazing and such a sense of relief. My partner is so appreciative of everything you''ve taught me. You're an amazing woman and I'm so grateful to have found you." ~ Aleisha

"I got more from seeing you once than I did from seeing my psychiatrist for 8 weeks and he was $250 for a half hour session." ~Emily

I found myself spiraling into a place where I’d never been before, depression, separation and moving out of the family home. Unbelievably with Dawn's help I turned it all around. I was able to completely reassess and realign and get my relationship back on track." ~  Colin

"I have been to at least 10 therapist in all my life, from life-coaching, to psychotherapy. None of them have been so effective and healing as Dawn. My life has changed so much." ~ J.L.

"I didn’t think that spirituality and logic were compatible, but Dawn has a unique combination of gifts that allow her to bring both of these together. Her style is amazing and super efficient."  ~ K.B.

I saw several clinical psychologists and relationship counselors previously, and not one of them was able to help me to the degree that Dawn has. She just ‘gets it’- you'll see what I mean when you work with her. ~ Katie

It's coming to a head, you're a ball of anxiety...

Afraid to stay, afraid to leave.... 

You feel like a fly trapped in a spider's web.

And maybe you've outgrown the relationship and your soul's aching for more than your marriage could honestly give. Maybe he's met someone else (or you have) and though the relationship's been on the skids for a while, you still don't know if you should give it one last shot.  

Everything feels so out of control.

And you just want the drama and anguish to end.

Because you're sick of fighting over the same old issues that never seem to get resolved.  You're lonely as hell. And your gut's screaming one thing, but at the back of your mind you're terrified of making a mistake you can't come back from. 

And maybe you're craving freedom, at least your spirit is, but you're paralyzed by the thought of being alone.

You want to love and be loved.  Men do too, more than you know.  And so much gets in the way of that,  especially with kids. And no matter how much work you've already done, or are currently doing, when it comes to your relationship you feel desperately in the dark. 

And when it comes to taking action, you can't follow through.

You just want the cycle to end.

You'll be amazed at the wealth of information manifesting in your failing relationship that's trying to reflect itself back to you for the purpose of your growth, and ultimately your happiness. You just can't see the wood for the trees.

And it's not just about the relationship, it's about you.

It's about everything you're avoiding, denying, suppressing and not expressing.  And it's not until you can see what's being hidden, that you'll finally have the clarity and peace of mind to make the decision to either save the relationship, or walk away.

You really need to know where it's all going wrong, because this isn't the first time and it won't be the last.

You also need to stop taking advice from your well meaning friends and family. They're trying to help, and they want the best for you but they're bias which means they can only tell you what they'd do if they were you. And that's of no use to you because you're you, not them. And at the end of the day, you're the one who has to live the consequences of your decision.


You feel like no matter what you've tried it's just never enough.

You're second guessing every response, every message, every move and it's driving you crazy.

You think you know what you should be doing, but you can't seem to control your impulses, follow through and take action.

You're struggling to communicate your emotions, needs and desires without feeling like you're coming across as needy and demanding.

You still don't know your limits or boundaries, you say "yes" when you mean "no" and vice versa.

He's telling you one thing, and your gut's saying another.

You're terrified he's going to walk for good and you're on the verge of another broken relationship.

You're constantly fighting about the same old issues and he's pissed off that you can't stop bringing it up.

You feel like you keep losing yourself in the relationship and if you don't act soon you're going to lose the relationship too.

You're afraid that he's cheating, contacting an ex or communicating with other women.

You're not getting what you want and you're not sure whether you're compromising or sabotaging, but it always feels like you're the one who's giving in.

You can't understand why your partner(s) keep choosing someone/something else over you.

And why you feel so f*cking worthless, rejected and unattractive.

Every time you think you've reached a solution he backtracks and you end up feeling manipulated and controlled.

You're terrified that your anxiety and neediness will keep ruining your relationships.

You're devastated that you can't seem to hold onto a committed relationship and you're terrified you'll end up alone.

You (secretly) want to leave, or wish he'd go, but you're scared of making a wrong move and worry you're staying for all the wrong reasons.

You're still confused about boundaries; even when you set them, they get over-stepped and you feel like you're back to square one.

You're sick fed up of feeling like you can't trust him and that you aren't worthy of love and commitment; you just want to be happy. 


Whatever the problem(s), the answers are there, they're just buried underneath whatever's unfolding. And right now you're just too close to the fire to see it. 

You don't need a psychic, you need to go deeper, you need clarity.

You need to know why your relationship's going the way that it is.

You need to know why you've allowed yourself to be so unhappy for so long. Exactly where are your blind-spots, what is it that you don't understand?  What's really keeping you there or making you feel like you want to run?

I don't do advice, this isn't that. I help you cut through the noise and distraction to show you, in the fastest time possible time, what's really going on in your relationship, and why.

If that's what you need then you're in the right place. 

My gift is making the unconscious conscious and leading women (and men) to the often uncomfortable truths that will set them free and from there resurrect their relationship into something more spectacular than it ever or was, or separate, consciously.  

I can unearth what other professionals either can't see or take years to find. And I do it in record time which means one session with me is worth months, even years of counseling or therapy. Which honestly, rarely gets anyone anywhere. It's true that unless you understand the energetics of relationships, including the one you have with yourself, you'll forever be scratching the surface.

And if you want to go deeper, discover the energetic shadow and light archetypal patterning, ancestral codes of consciousness and carried forward stories, trauma's and karmic re-balancing that manifests in your most closest relationship, I can help with that too. But first let me help you see everything you're missing, it'll free up a lot energy currently caught up the confusion.  Energy btw that will turn back into the power you need to move forward.

Ignorance isn't bliss; the longer you put off solving the underlying issues, the bigger your problems grow.


Stop wasting time and letting fear win.

It's not just your relationship at stake, it's also your sanity. And your health, I know first hand just exactly what unresolved pain and resentment, especially around the masculine, can do to your body.

And to your finances (money is masculine...)

You need to unlock a deeper insight and a shift in consciousness because when you know what's really going on you'll feel relieved. Because no matter how hard, the truth really does set us free. 

Btw this session isn't some kind of new age witchery or spiritual woo woo.  Although I'm claircognizant I won't be calling your guides; pulling cards or casting spells.  As if any of that would work anyway.  And I won't be miraculously dropping into your subconscious to remove old beliefs, that's internal. You do that, not me. 

My genius is knowing the human mind and soul, inside out, upside down, and understanding the masculine feminine relationship dynamic at the deepest level; mentally, emotionally AND energetically.


Here's how the magic happens:

  • You decide that you're done with the crisis and purchase this session.
  • Once payment's received I'll email you a deep dive pre-work assessment for you to complete and return to me and we'll schedule our session.
  • Together we'll spend 90 mins deep diving for clarity and truth which are powerful codes of consciousness that create a radical shift. (NB: All sessions are recorded, you'll be sent a link to the recording along with any further instructions within 24hrs of the session.)
  • If you choose the VIP option you'll have a further 7 days of once a day support via messenger to help implement, keep you on track and work through whats coming up.


**A quick word of warning** - I work fast and deep and I don't do fluff.  I have a lot of love and respect for my clients, but I don't believe in sugar coating. My work will trigger the shadow lurking inside you, so you can see what you're dealing with. You're here on this page for a reason, and to move forward you'll need to trust yourself that you'll get what you need.  And if you want to know more about who I am and what I can do, read more about me here.


You really do deserve the happiness, support and sacred love of a man who'll happily turn the earth upside just to be by your side, but that takes an awakening and an embracing of truth, and it starts with clarity.  And you to decide that you're worth it.  I already know that you are....

So, are you ready for clarity?