Rumi said "your task is not to seek love but to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."


We're a world desperate for more love. Desperate to love, to be loved, to find love, to love ourselves. And yet apparently we are love.  How can it be then that love is so elusive if what we are is the very substance we seek?


It's the barriers.


It's the junk within us that we've been filled with and fill ourselves up with that blocks us from knowing the love that we are.  So what are these barriers and how can we remove them?



Barriers are anything that doesn't align with the vibration of love.



Barriers are energetic imbalances within us, typically from old emotional hurts, pain, and childhood trauma that are unresolved.  Tears yet to be cried.  Stories of unfairness and wrong doings, all yet to be forgiven.



Harsh words held onto, disappointments, anger, the bitter sting of what could've of been.


The worry, the fear, the stress, and the judgements. Oh the judgements. A lifetime of should's and should nots, a lifetime of resistance to what is.


The biggest barriers we have to love though are our beliefs.



Not only do they create our future, but they underpin our past. It's also what we believe that keeps the old hurts and pains stuck.


We believe that the pain shouldn't have happened, that it was out fault, or that others are to blame.  We believe that we are powerless, hopeless, lost and unworthy of ever being found.


We believe that we'll never truly succeed, that we don't have the right to be here, to be seen.  That we're ugly, too fat, too thin, too stupid, too old, too much, too little, too late.



We believe that we can't trust others, can't trust life, can't trust ourselves.



We believe that we're who we think we are, and that we're depressed, anxious, we can't be fixed, we can't be the person we think we should be.  And we believe we don't deserve love, because we're flawed and that to be loved we have to be perfect.


We believe that other people's opinions of us matter.  We believe that what's on the outside is more important that's what's inside, and that how our life looks is a reflection of how happy we should be.


We believe that it's our fault we were hurt, abused or abandoned.  We believe that we're bad, that parts of us are shameful and wrong and unworthy.


We believe that when others are not aligned with us that we're being rejected, by our ex, our family, society, ourselves. We believe the lies that the media and our governments feed us. We believe everything we're taught in schools, and that memorizing information determines our intelligence.


And we believe that we're better, or worse.


We believe that life's hard, that love hurts, and that death shouldn't happen to those we love, and that it's the end.


We believe that the past still exists and that the future will bring all kinds of yet to be realised fears.  We believe that to be well we must pop pills and fill our bodies with toxic chemicals which harm our bodies and brains and create more sickness.


We believe in lack, we believe in holding on, we believe that money is scarce and that abundance is just a new age word that sounds good, but doesn't really exist. We believe in religion and separatism, and that harsher punishment will end the disconnect that causes crime.


We believe we're not safe, that we won't survive the change and challenge that we can't seem to stop. We believe that we haven't got what it takes to step up and be who we truly want to be or have what we want to have.


We believe everything "they" told us about us.  And we believe that no matter what, we'll never be enough for this world.



And we wonder why we can't find the love inside us.


That love is pure essence.  High vibrating energy, clean, clear, flowing, glowing, energy.  Everything else, well, just reading the beliefs above you'll already have begun to feel the heaviness of them in your body.  They are the low vibrating energy traces that not only block the vibration of love from pouring through us, but dictate our actions and how we show up in the world.

They also send out instructions to the Universe, attracting back to themselves their like. Creating our future, based on our past.


And we wonder why there's so little love in our world.


"Your task is not to seek love but to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."  One by one find them and remove them, break them down, put each and every belief and thought and action to inquiry.



Is it true? Where did it come from? Does it work for me? Is it aligned with the love that I am?


And if the answer is no then it must be replaced with something truer, something that is more aligned with love.


Spirituality is love, and how spiritual you are depends on how much you love. How loving are your thoughts, about others, about life, about yourself? How loving are your beliefs, do they point in the direction of separateness or oneness?



How aligned with love is it to hold a grudge, or resist what is?



The truth is not only do these barriers keep us from love but they keep us suffering in it's absence and keep the collective whole suffering too.  The work is always within, love is who you are, seek and find everything you've built within yourself that blocks love.


That is your task.