If you're putting off feeling worthy until you find love or feel loved, sweetheart, you're gonna miss all the years you could've lived feeling like a diamond. Because worth doesn't rely on being seen by anyone BUT YOU.


If we look to our relationships to enhance our worth, be it with a partner, lover, parent, friend, who-the-fuck-ever, we fall head first into the trap of believing that who we really are, is how THEY see us.


Or at least how we think they see us.





"You're worthy of the very best life, but you have to
give yourself permission to have it."




Someone else's perception of us will only EVER be THEIR perception. And seriously, you’ve no idea how fucked up people’s perceptions really are.


It's our insanity to believe that others decide the measure of our worth. They don't, they can't, JUST NOT EVER.  And yet we believe....


They like us, we feel worthy.

They don't like us, we feel unworthy.

They love us, we feel worthy.

They don't love us we feel unworthy.

They're happy with us, we feel worthy.

They’re mad at us, we feel unworthy.

They treat us well, we feel worthy.

They treat us badly, we feel worthy.

They call, we feel worthy.

They don’t call, we feel unworthy.

They want us, we feel worthy.

They don’t want us, we feel unworthy.



Really …. think about it.


Your worth isn’t determined by what side of the bed someone who this time next year mightn't even make your Christmas card list, got out of.


It's not determined by how grateful anyone is (or isn't) for what you give them.


Or if your partner likes the shape of your arse or the dimples on your face.


And it's irrelevant whether or not you got a decent set of parents who knew how to love you.





"When you figure out how much you're worth,
you'll stop giving people discounts."



Stop believing otherwise because not only are you NOT seeing you, you’re not truly seeing them either. Because if you’re fixated with looking for who you are in their eyes, if you're looking for signals of your own worthiness, you’ve stopped appreciating them for who they are instead of what they can give you, validation.


And you might also be missing seeing some vitaul clues as to who they really are, and that can cause all kinds of chaos.



"Find your worth in yourself FIRST, and
then you'll find people who are worthy of you."



Open your own eyes darling, your soul's eyes, because that's the truest perception of you. And it's the only perception that you can trust.


You're wasting precious time believing that you need someone to validate and approve of you and make you feel worthy when all of that comes from the inside out.



Dawn Lee is a personal & spiritual intelligence coach, writer and modern-day oracle with a passion for melding psychology, coaching and spirituality. Dawn's expertise is helping others make peace with the past and to reclaim happiness, love and connection from the inside out. Her mission is to help shine a light of awareness in the world and help guide those courageous enough to seek divine truth and wisdom and the purpose of our human existance.