You want to connect with your inner being, so what’s the plan?

Time in nature, dance, meditation, joy? All soul soothing right? Guess what, your soul doesn’t want soothed, your soul ain’t no fucking baby.

Know what your soul really wants? For you to pay attention and start listening.

What’s beginning to bother you?

That’s a dm from your soul right there.

What are you still lying to yourself about?

What are trading for the illusion of security?

Urgh it’s uncomfortable isn’t it?

That’s a transmission.

And what exactly is that ‘something’ you haven’t yet explored?

Yip, another dm from your soul.

That thing you’re not doing that you know you should be.

Why do you even think you think you should be doing it?

It’s a call from the inside.

Sure, the soul likes beauty and stillness, know what she likes more?

What she needs.

Taking responsibility
You being a fucking magician in your life.

Your inner being is a witch, imbued in power beyond your imagination. She’s not here to settle nor stay buried beneath the fear.

She doesn’t appreciate your lip service and she doesn’t want perfection.

She want your practice.

She wants your presence.

She wants your attention.

And your action.

And regardless of whether you provide, she has no intention of fading into obscurity, because she can’t.

She wants her time in the sun and she won’t be distracted with fluff.

So, what’s the plan?